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Restaurant Trattoria dalla Nonna, Mattinata in Gargano


In the beautiful setting of the bay of Mattinata, facing the beautiful beach of white pebbles, "Trattoria Dalla Nonna" for over 30 years, has been offering a cuisine that strongly emphasizes the tradition of Mediterranean flavors and fresh fish, where simple and genuine ingredients are the only secret.

Trattoria La Nonna is well known, not only for its delicious dishes, but also for the refinement and unique environment, made even more special by its unique and excellent location.

Trattoria La Nonna is one of those places of an extraordinary atmosphere, where it's nice to come back and find the usual warm and hospitality.

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Offerte speciali

Pranzo di Capodanno
From: 31/12/2018 to: 01/01/2019

Chi mangia bene il primo dell'anno, mangia bene tutto l'anno!

La Nonna Vi aspetta per ...

Cena di Fine Anno!
From: 31/12/2018 to: 01/01/2019

               Chi mangia ben...


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Loc. Funni 71030 Mattinata (FG) Gargano
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